Why Us


✓ Easy and quick online booking process

✓ No hidden fees

✓ Lowest rates in the market

✓ Receive your voucher directly via email

✓ Guaranteed excursion, even with 1 traveler, with 0% cancellations

✓ Meeting Point in the center of Thessaloniki

✓ Smart-Eco-Meeting Point at Halandri metro station in Athens

✓ Easily hop on with a QR electronic code

✓ Comfortable and safe trip along with our friendly trip attendants – archaeologists

✓ Unforgettable experiences of the Greek culture and “philoxenia”

✓ Direct access to the destination without stopovers

✓ Part of the company’s green policy for a sustainable environment

✓ Smart-Traveller by avoiding traffic jams of Athens city center and making the most of your time

✓ Interesting information about the destination provided by our knowledgeable trip attendants – archaeologists

✓ Free basic travel insurance

✓ Prompt email notifications for any changes.