Who is Ammon anyway?

14 June 2023

The cult of Ammon Zeus was one of the most important religious cults in ancient Greece. Ammon Zeus was considered the father of the gods and was worshiped for his power and wisdom. His worship was centered in the city of Thebes, where a magnificent temple was dedicated to him. The cult of Ammon Zeus was characterized by a strong emphasis on hospitality and generosity, and these were essential virtues in ancient Greek society.

Ammon Zeus was closely associated with the concept of “xenia”, which was the ancient Greek concept of hospitality. Xenia was a sacred duty to foreigners. The importance given to it was due to the belief that the gods could take the form of strangers and test the hospitality of mortals. If one did not offer what was prescribed, one could incur the wrath of the gods.

It is worth mentioning that in the sanctuary of Ammon Zeus in Egypt, honors were given to Alexander the Great, distinguishing him as the son of Ammon Zeus. Also, the figure of the deity was depicted with a lamb’s head and was associated with fertility, culture and well-being since it lexically converges with the word “amen” which means “let it be”.

Today, the concept of hospitality continues to be an essential part of Greek culture and is reflected in the way Greeks welcome tourists to their country. 

Ammon Express has been inspired by the deity of Ammon and its main concern is to represent it in the best possible way! The company has put the principles of god in its main priorities and strives to provide the customers with an unforgettable experience. Through a series of day trips that showcase the most timeless and distinctive elements of Greek culture, history and natural beauty each service is designed to offer an experience of a warm and hearty welcome, with experienced people eager to share their love for Greece!

Text and photos by Eleni Ntouvaleti
*End of the 2nd-beginning of 3rd c. AD
Veroia. Coffer with relief decoration of the head of Ammon Zeus and Nikai.