Experience the Magic of Open-air Cinemas in Thessaloniki

3 October 2023

Dear Traveller,

September is here, and the city of Thessaloniki is at its best! There are so many cultural promised events this month, but watching movies outdoors is a beloved tradition of Thessalonians, and there’s no better way to spend a warm evening than watching a film under the stars. And what better place to do it than in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki?

Open-air Cinemas in Thessaloniki Open-air Cinemas in Thessaloniki










Thessaloniki boasts several open-air cinemas, each with its own unique charm and atmosphere. From the historic “Cine Ellinis” in the heart of the city to the romantic “Natalie Cinema” on the New Waterfront, there’s something for everyone.

Imagine sitting back in a comfortable chair, surrounded by the warm breeze and the sounds of the city, as you watch your favourite film on a big screen. The experience is truly magical and unforgettable.

But it’s not just about the movies. Open-air cinemas in Thessaloniki offer a complete experience, with delicious snacks and drinks available for purchase, as well as music and other entertainment before the film starts. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a view of the sunset!

Open-air Cinemas in Thessaloniki Open-air Cinemas in Thessaloniki

Don’t forget Thessaloniki hosts the “Thessaloniki International Film Festival” every year which happens to be one of the largest cinema institutions in the country.

So, why not make a night of it? Grab some friends or family, head to one of Thessaloniki’s open-air cinemas, and enjoy a night of entertainment and relaxation. It’s a wonderful way to live one of the most favourite hobbies of the locals… like a local!

Open-air Cinemas in Thessaloniki Open-air Cinemas in Thessaloniki










So, check out the schedules of Thessaloniki’s most popular open-air cinemas downtown (you’ll find them below) and plan your next movie night today!

See you there!

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TeamText: Eleni Ntouvaleti

Open-air cinema spots:
Cinema Alex – Olympou 106
Cine Apollo – Sarantaporou 4
Cine Ellinis – Leoforos Stratou 11
Natali Cinema – Leoforos Megalou Alexandrou 3
Cinema with a View – Thessaloniki’s Music Concert Hall (Roof, M2)