Pozar – Edessa

The natural SPA of Greece. Destination for an idyllic excursion which combines a full relaxation program

Enjoy a full relaxation program with the therapeutic characteristic of the healing hot springs of Pozar in the fascinating external natural pools, just where the nature established an absolute scenic landscape against the view of Mount Voras, northwest of Aridaia. Healing water spewed out in a constant temperature of 37° C that sets a feeling of body well-ness. The water of the healing springs is also known for the drinking therapy, to be able to drink the water for body healing. The characteristics of the water can heal the following diseases: Rheumatoid arthritis, malfunctions in the Circulatory and Respiratory system, Kidney diseases (such as kidney stones), Skin conditions (eczema etc.). All these can be found in the altitude of 400meters against a fascinating landscape by your side.

And if you don’t get enough from this natural beauty and relaxation, the city of Edessa will get you off the ground with the biggest waterfalls in Balkans! The water falls from 70meters high, producing fascinating vapor clouds! Don’t miss it!


  • Pozar Thermal Baths
  • Edessa


  • Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday


  • Starting point: WHITE TOWER(Entrance) 08:00
  • Stop 2: ARISTOTELOUS square & EGNATIA (Venizelos Statue) 08:15
  • Stop 3: CAPSIS Hotel 08:20
  • Stop 4: THE MET Hotel 08:25


  • 8 hours (3 hours on the road)


We depart to Pozar Thermal Baths with the bus of Ammon Express

at 08:00 from the White Tower,

at 08:05 from the hotel Makedonia Palace,

at 08:15 from Aristotelous Square & Egnatia Street (at the statue of Venizelos),

at 08:20 from hotel Capsis and

at 08:25 from The Met Hotel

The distance is 110km and lasts about 1 hour and a half.

We reach the enchanting Pozar Thermal Springs where we have free time to enjoy the quality of the healing water and the natural pools of the springs where you will be able to enjoy at the same time your coffee at an absolutely organized area.

Later on, we will enjoy our lunch at a picturesque village next to Pozar, tasting Greek traditional flavours, where you will have the chance to buy traditional products from local salespeople (such as honey, jams etc.) from the local market which is situated at the central square of the village.

Next, we visit the city of Edessa, having free time to enjoy the powerful waterfalls that end up just right in front of your feet and capture the moments by taking pictures of the enchanting scenery.

We depart to Thessaloniki at about 15:30 where we return after approximately one hour and a half (17:00) doing the same stops from where we started.


  • Transportation to and from Pozar and Edessa
  • English-speaking trip attendant
  • Basic travel insurance (during transportation)


  • The entrance fee to the natural pools of the thermal springs (2€ per person) and 3€ per person for the big pool
  • The towel rental in case that you don’t have one with you (1,5€ per towel)
  • The cost of the lunch at the restaurant
  • Our trip attendant shall wear clothing with the AMMON Express marking so that he will be recognisable easily
  • You should be at the departure points 5’ earlier from the time indicated in the schedule. The bus cannot remain at designated stops, except for boarding.
  • You should have a towel or a bathrobe with you before entering to the water and after coming out of it.
  • Available lockers with key are situated at the area of the thermal springs so that you can store your personal belongings.
  • You can rent a towel from the area (the cost is 1,50€ per towel)
  • There are numerous changing rooms with hairdresser for your personal care.
  • Entrance to the thermal springs is not allowed for pregnant women.
  • Be provided with the information folio of the Thermal Springs for all the advice regarding the sensitive social groups that can’t make use of the Thermal Springs.
  • Children under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult in order to make use of the Thermal Springs.
  • Please be punctual in the given meeting times specified by the trip attendant of Ammon Express so that all the participants will enjoy the excursion.
  • We wish you a nice excursion and a lot of fun!
  • Share pictures and comments about your experience in the excursion.

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