The tomb stone of Dexileos and its similarities with Christian saints.

10 February 2023

This tomb stone belongs to Dexileos, an Athenian citizen who died next to Corinth circa 394 B.C. He is depicted riding his horse, giving a final blow to his enemy. It was found on Keramikos archaeological site, and you can see it on Keramikos museum.

However, many researchers believe that this tomb stone could have inspired many ancient artists of the Early Christian period. After all, it was exhibited in a public place, for everybody to see. The theory is based on the later depictions of saint Dimitris and Saint George, on a same pose.

dexileos-tomb-stone dexileos-tomb-stone dexileos-tomb-stone dexileos-tomb-stone


It is true that Ancient Greece is a part of history that has perished for thousands of years. Nevertheless, it still survives to our days but with some differences.

By Vasilis Karaiskos