Olympus – Dion

Excursion back in history, the culture and the traditional heritage looking upon the Mythical Mountain of the 12 Gods of Olympus!

Vergina – Pella

Excursion back in history to the Macedonian Kingdom of Alexander the Great and Philip II.

Veria – Wine Tasting

Veria, the land of culture and religion.

Pozar – Edessa

The natural SPA of Greece. Destination for an idyllic excursion which combines a full relaxation program

Kerkini Lake

Kerkini is one of the oldest Migratory Station of birds. Ideal destination for nature lovers in a full day excursion close to rare species of birds and animals!

Mount Athos plus Cruise

The day trip to Ouranopoli and Mount Athos brings you very close to the sacred peninsula, where the heart of the Orthodox monastic life beats for more than ten centuries.


There are few landscapes that excite the travelers as much as a visit to the enchanting Meteora.