Athens city tour to the Ancient Past

Stroll along the most popular spots in Athens where all the famous Greeks like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Alexander the Great used to walk. We spend a day with a local archaeologist-historian and admire the landmarks of Ancient Greece.


  • Experience the glorious past of the Ancient Greeks
  • Visit the most important landmarks of the city in 4 hours
  • Visit Herakleidon museum and live the “miracle” of Ancient Athens
  • Walk through picturesque districts
  • Admire the breathtaking view at the top of Areus Pagus Hill
  • Enjoy a coffee break with our archaeologist-historian
  • Taste the “oinomelo”; the popular drink of the Ancient Greeks
  • Have a lunch break with a local Athenian and talk about the “Symposium”


  • At 09:00a.m at Acropolis Metro station


  • 5 hours (4 hours walking-tour plus 1 hour lunch-break)


We start our tour at Acropolis Metro Station getting ready to walk through the city center of Athens like the Ancient Greeks. First we visit the district of Plaka where the upper class Athenians used to set memorials of their victories in the theatrical drama contests.

As we walk we learn about their daily life and details regarding their habits and customs. Admire the theatre of Dionysus where the lower class Athenians used to wait in the queue in order to enter free of charge and watch tragedies/comedies of famous authors.

Let the Parthenon catch your eye; the masterpiece of the Greek classical architecture and later on we climb up to Areus Pagus Hill, the court that used to hold the cases of murder. Enjoy the breathtaking view to the ancient agora and don’t miss the stories, myths and local legends from our historian!

Then we visit Irakleidon (or Herakleidon) museum where we have the chance to admire the technological achievements of the Ancient Greeks. We discover the Eureka project, the “Automata” and the Antikythera Mechanism.

We combine our experience with a coffee break against the amazing view of the Acropolis. Argue like a philosopher about the purpose of the human existence, about the meaning of happiness and head for Pnyka in order to join the Athenian Assembly (or Ecclesia/Ekklesia).

Our experienced archaeologist-historian will recommend us the most famous places to visit during our stay. We visit also the Prison of Socrates and relive the last days and moments of the famous philosopher’s life. 

Finally, we have lunch at the nearby traditional district of Thissio (optional) where we have the chance to taste the “oinomelo”; a hot (or cold) combination of wine and honey that the Ancient Greeks used to drink.


  • Experienced archaeologist-historian (English/Greek)


  • Entrance fee to Herakleidon Museum: 4€/person
  • Personal expenses (coffee, lunch etc.)
  • Our escort-archaeologist will be waiting with a marking of Ammon Express at Acropolis Metro Station
  • You should be at the meeting point 10΄ before the time indicated in the schedule
  • In summer season bear in mind to have a bottle of water, sunglasses and a hat
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended for your convenience during the tour
  • Wear the appropriate clothing according to the weather forecast
  • Be ready to have a great experience!
  • Share pictures and comments from your experience!