Our new brand t-shirts, made in Greece!

22 July 2021

The “gossip” greek cat


Wherever you go you will see at least one Greek cat even in the most incredible places! As you walk carelessly on the streets of Athens or on an island you feel behind the window that someone is “spying” on you. He always wants to be entangled in your feet and to know everything! Our cats and grandmothers in the villages and on the islands they observe your every move! We love Greek cats “gossip” symbol of our Greek daily life!

Τhe evil eye


Are you sick or not feeling well? have you gained weight? Quickly call Aunt Roula to chase away the evil eye. Whatever bad happens to you here in Greece, know that you are definitely under the influence of an evil eye.
Hang garlic, take an amulet eye bead, wear an Ammon exress t-shirt “ftou ftou mati” and you exorcise the “evil”.

Τrojan horse


The smartest construction of Greek mythology: The Trojan horse. A construction inspired by Odysseus, a wooden crypt horse.
Odysseus’ purpose was to deceive the Trojans into accepting it as a gift and as a sign of goodwill and peace from the Achaeans. It symbolizes victory and ingenuity!

Greek mezes, Htapodaki (octapus)


Noon by the sea. After a cool relaxing swim in the sea, the mood of food follows. Is there anything more delicious than the Greek meze? Many small saucers fill the table and you try all the dishes. The octopus is never missing from the table. Greek meze is a favorite, “friendly” habit.
In the meantime, as we eat octopus bring us to drink an ouzo! Cheers!