Top reasons why you should visit Delphi

8 March 2019

As soon as you visit a place like Delphi, with the gigantic rocks of Fedriades and the green of nature binded together in a serene landscape, you are overwhelmed by the legends and the prophecies that emerge through the ruins of a long forgotten yet a glorious past

by Kristallenia Gavriilidou

You lie in the center of the world or as it is mostly known “navel of the world”; where the two eagles that Zeus sent from the edges of the universe meet, the one from the east and the other from the west in order to find the center of the world. 

This is the Oracle of Delphi and the famous prophetess Pythia. It is impossible to fight your eagerness for conquering the eternity and learn about the future.

Drink water from Castalia spring; the holy spring of Delphi where all the pilgrims and the priests bathe and purified themselves, in order to ask later for the prophecy of Pythia.

Meet Charioteer and the Naxian Sphinx that stand out in the modern archaeological museum of Delphi.

Enjoy the magnificent view against Parnassus Mountain in the background.

Take unique photos.

Feel the setting that radiates something both spiritual and magestic. Answer to its call.

Learn about the myths connected with Delphi and discover the greatness of Greek mythology through the places that inspired it.

Admire the stunning view and the beautiful breathtaking nature.

Experience the Greek “philoxenia” (hospitality). The locals shall welcome you as their best friend.

Taste the traditional cuisine and embrace the Greek gastronomic culture by having a local meal. I suggest you try “coq au vin” (rooster in red wine) and handmade spaghetti.

Delphi is waiting for you!

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