Pistachios of Aegina island – the “super food”

7 March 2019

We choose the dry nuts of Aegina (or in greek “fistiki Aiginis”) as they are a very special and preferable delicacy. Our favourite pistachios stand out not only for their unique taste but also for the valuable nutrients they contain.

By Kristallenia Gavriilidou

Did you know that:

Pistachios are thought to be a super condensed food source. As a result, just by eating small amounts, they supply us with plenty of beneficial nutrients.

Only a few grams of pistachios can cover a significant percentage of our daily needs in vitamins and trace minerals like B6 and B1, thiamine, magnesium, phosphorus and copper as well as the most needed fibers. 

Pistachios also contain antioxidants with anti-aging qualities

They also help us to decrease stress by reducing the corresponding hormone

The pistachio tree comes from Iran which is the number 1 producer worldwide followed by USA, Turkey and Syria


In Greece, the Aeginian pistachios took their name from the island of Aegina, where they are cultivated and this type is considered to be one of the finest worldwide

The very first pistachio trees came to Aegina in the early 19th century

These trees are even more resistant to drought than the olives

Greece is ranked first in Europe and sixth worldwide considering the production, with 9,500 tons yearly


As from 1996 the famous pistachio of Aegina bears a “Protected designation of origin” (PDO) product certification issued by the EU

Since 2008 the Pistachio Festival known as “Aegina Fistiki Fest” takes place every September in Aegina and it’s embraced by thousands of people who want to taste their favourite dry nut in many variations.