Hermès Spring 2012, Campaign in Aegina island!

7 October 2021

The famous fashion house Hermès, in 2012, chose the island of Aegina for fashion photography. Specifically in the Ancient Eleonas tree, one of the oldest in Greece.

Dazzling presentation! The wild beauty of the age-old trees, with the relief trunks from the passage of time, transformed the campaign into an art work !


Ancient Eleonas is located at the foot of Mount Hellanio, south of Pachia Rachi and the place Sfirichtres.
The age of the perennial trees, with their huge trunks, is estimated to be more than 400 years old.
Mythology unfolds through their trunks, since the mountain was inhabited by the first king of Aegina, Eakos .


A destination with many hidden beauties, unknown to many over time, but not to the fashion house Hermès that discovered and promoted it worldwide, through its advertising campaign.

The result was a masterpiece! Α unique creation by nature and man!

butterfly tree2 tree3

Photos: Nathaniel Goldberg / Hermès