Grab a fruit!

19 August 2021

In the Greek diet, fruit is essential. A delicious snack for every hour of the day. With health benefits, whichever you choose is rich in vitamins, water, low fat and minerals.


The ancient Greeks loved fruits and had them in their daily diet .Popular fruits were the grapes used for the production of wine, plums, apples, pears. Everyone’s favorite, the fig, was accompanied as an appetizer with wine. In Ancient Athens the commercial export of fruit was illegal and there was punishment for violators. The Athenian citizens betrayed the perpetrator when they realized that the “slanders” deserved punishment.


Greek nature is rich in biodiversity and each season offers us its own fruit. A slice of watermelon is refreshing in summer. In Northern Greece it is combined with feta cheese.
An appetizer, a must-have at many gourmet restaurants!

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The grape, the fruit of God Dionysus with antioxidant action is always in our diet.
Delicious indifferent colors, children also prefer it. A fruit juice is always cool and healthy. The fruit also becomes a dessert without many calories, the traditional sweet of spoon accompanied by yogurt or ice cream.


If you want to eat well, consult us Greeks, the foodies!
If you want healthy and delicious food tips, ask the Greeks, the gourmets!
And a tip” by eating an apple a day, you will never need a doctor!” (greek proverb)